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Making a Long Exposure Photograph

Choosing the viewpoint I mostly use very wide angle lenses (10 to 20mm focal length on full frame) for long exposure photography to capture a large portion of the sky with the dynamic cloud effect – see also my chapter about gear for long exposure photography. Composing an image with very wide angle lenses is […]

Planning and Anticipating Long Exposures

Medium Cloud Coverage

Outdoor long exposure photographs are a co-creation of nature and photographer. The photographer must track and hunt nature’s creations to get a successful long exposure photograph. Nature makes its own plans which cannot be influenced by the photographer (fortunately not). So you cannot plan and control long exposure photography like in a studio shooting. But […]

A week on the Fjord

I spent my summer holidays in Norway this year. For one week we rented a really charming hytte right in the middle of nowhere on the fjord, near the Trondelag / Nordland border. This has been the driest and hottest summer since a very long time all over Europe, and it was rather warm even […]

Speicherstadt in the dark

Darkness falls early in Hamburg Downtown in the middle of November. I went for a walk at dusk on a late Friday afternoon. It had been a busy day with many errands to make, the city was very full, and getting there in crowed trains and buses was a real hazzle. Anyway, taking a walk […]

Autumn walk in the park

The Jenischpark is my favourite park in Hamburg. And I go there for a walk quite often, even though it is not exactly in my neighbourhood. A large, classical English-style garden with a special atmosphere. This was a walk at the beginning of November. A windy day with a mix of clouds and sunshine, perfect […]