A week on the Fjord

I spent my summer holidays in Norway this year. For one week we rented a really charming hytte right in the middle of nowhere on the fjord, near the Trondelag / Nordland border. This has been the driest and hottest summer since a very long time all over Europe, and it was rather warm even here, far up north, not far away from the arctic circle. Nice weather is not really the best for photography, but over the one week I experienced quite a few moody moments for my photography. It is great if you can watch the scenery from the window and just grab the camera and set up in two minutes if the light is right.

Right on the day of Arrival a nice evening light and some cloud formations turned up, with quite a bit of wind. Perfect for long exposure shots.


Next day, a walk on the beach in middle of the morning, same scenery, from a slightly different angle.

Some days later, evening mood.

That same evening, looking to the left. Low Tide in the fjord.

An a look to the right, same evening. Calm waters.

All pictures taken with a Sony A7R camera, Laowa 12mm lens with Magic Shift Adapter (which makes it a 17mm lens). Most of the pictures are long exposure shots with ND 1000x filter.



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